Long Yi took a deep breath, calm yourself and downs of mood


Long Yi took a deep breath, calm yourself and downs of mood, looking at the non-hee laughs. “Really is you, think that you should have such a great strength!” Long Yi short voice saying, discourse is full of envy, pride strong as the Long Yi has never shown such envy others look, but the face of non-hee He is admired psyche.

non-Hee smiled and shook his head. “Little Lord flattering.”

Boom! Heard a violent explosion sound, non-hee hastily aside Zhuantou Chao looked and saw thick smoke Maronite four elders stature appeared in front of their own spiritual power propped an illusory shield to fend off an explosion aftermath impact, and the old monster figure was gone. Old monster is four elders tight under no breakthrough, even blew up.

“Little Lord! old monster is dead.” Grand Ayatollah Long Cang Long Yi flew beside, slightly Baoquan said, there are several broken him clothes, it seems just fighting is very intense.

“Well, you know, the elders were not injured will be good.” Long Yi nodded his head, his eyes with a look of concern, eyes from four elders who swept, behold, they were not injured, can not help but shallow laughs.

Longcang promised a cry, looked up toward the side of the non-hee looked, so he saw this woman wearing a green and red armor was actually non-hee, the old Lianyi Chen, suddenly froze in place. “You, you …… you are spending non-hee!?”

non-hee see Longcang face with a shocked look, haggard eyes, mouth trembling slightly, she facing Long Cang Bao Quan said. “Non-Hee seen Longcang elders.”

Longcang seems non-hee did not hear the words, still froze in place, he apparently can not accept this reality, in front of non-hee wearing a strange green and red armor, the back of a pair of red wings is he never not seen, he can feel it, this time with a non-hee who extremely violent force, spiritual power is very powerful.

“These people are you kill it?! there just fighting monsters with that is that you do?” Long Cang eyes glanced at the ground dozens of corpses, mouth trembling violently, quickly asked, with a discourse trembling.

non-Hee nodded. “I killed them, Longcang elders would not blame me?”

“No, no!” Long Cang hastily promised a cry, eyes full of shocked look escapement, just he and three elders Battle old monster, the old monster’s strength that he knows best, however, to work with such a non-hee monsters and kill dozens of guards, such strength ……

grunt, Long Cang swallow a mouthful of saliva, eyes staring at the non-hee golden eyes, shake a few under Adam’s apple is no end to speak, the mind is bewildered loudly. “She turned golden eyes, with the eyes of a dragon illusion color gold pupil troubled times, yet there are two golden pupil.” Long Cang mind wondered, turned around and looked a dragon.

“flower non-hee!?” At this time, not far from the other three elders flew to Long Yi side, they saw the non-hee Mo Yang, are alarmed loudly.

“Well, ladies and elders, we rushed into the cave go.” Long Yi saw four elders stunned look, quickly said something to stop the elders ask other things. He said, turned to the non-Hee nodded schematically, they flew toward the waterfall.

“yes!” four elders heard this, nodded, their eyes looked slightly frightened of a non-hee, then followed Long Yi flew towards the waterfall.

“Long Yi lovely man!” Light said with a smile of a dragon, heads exposed a little praise look, then slowly got up and snatched.

non-hee Pieliaopiezui angle, not to say, slightly startled wings on her back, figure Piansi meteor rushed up, she accidentally, the figure was actually rushed to the Long Yi side.

Long Yi felt a gust of strong wind came after their own, he turned around and saw the room was shaking the wings with non-Hee up, fast and extremely, he flashed a hint of brow look of shock, heart Antan : wings on her back is what? ! Why so fast speed.

Long Yi beside four elders saw rapid flying non-hee, just a slight frown, each depressed heart of the doubt, do not ask.

“is behind this up.” non-hee flew waterfall front, light voice said.

“Good!” Long Yi promised soon, figure flash it first burst into the waterfall. “Little Lord! Careful!” Seeing four elders and opt exclamation followed Long Yi ran inside.

“Long Yi prestige seems nice, but …… this kid so I believe you!? you say where he rushed in, and is not afraid of hitting the wall!” dragon stand beside him in a non-hee, looking rushed into the cave of the dragon Yi, understatement, said.

“We also go inside.” Qinglong a non-Hee looked, eyes can not see any emotion, he burst into the waterfall behind the curtain.

crossed the curtain falls, deep hole will appear in front of everybody, Long Yi turned to gaze wistfully looking at non-hee, laughing. “Non-Hee girl does not have to go in with us, Dragon of the people enough.”

non-hee saw Long Yi bright as the star pupil of the eye, shallow smile. “I still give you lead the way, the hole there is the Chamber of Secrets.”

“That girl would like to thank the non-hee.” Long Yi nodded a cry, Jian Mei slightly corrugated, and his heart was about to cry asked the elders, let him take care of non-hee, but he glimpsed when non-hee suddenly beside Dragon gave up the idea, he had seen the strength of Qinglong, spiritual power is definitely inferior to spend Ke, on this continent, I am afraid that no one is Dragon opponent. There Qinglong protect non-hee, there is nothing to worry about. And …… non-hee’s strength is also extremely powerful, do not need to protect others.

“non-hee, be careful!” Long Yi mouth fretting, and finally just said.

non-Hee nodded, took the lead and flew towards the cave. Long Yi Seeing, looking slightly lag, hurry to stop the non-hee, whispered. “Let me now advanced, non-hee girl can be at your back.” Ranging from non-hee promised he finished, he rushed into the hole.

followed Long Yi behind four elders looked at each other, their eyes, revealing a complex look. Arguably, the Long Yi’s strength ringed the entire continent of Aaron, his first burst into the hole, it should not hurt, but four elders are still worried about the little master, followed by Long Yi ran inside.

“Come on.” Non-Hee faint said loudly, together with dragon hole, just walked into the hole, I would see the cave carved, glistening and screams again and again, Long Yi has been very guarded cave carved down to the ground.

“continue to move forward.” Non-Hee see Long Yi kill guards to look after Zhuantou Chao himself, he said to him.

Long Yi heard this, do not worry, he stalked off before walking stride forward, he has absolute confidence in non-hee.

cave Although there are dozens of guards the guards, but they are mostly general strength in Long Yi with the Dragon four elders, men, guards are not much of a struggle to kill all.

little while, they came to a cave in the last one chamber, this chamber are placed in the hundreds of transparent containers, a container filled with a variety of Warcraft limbs, organs, and so on. Long Yi looked at the immediate scene, eyes clear spray a stream of flames, whispered shouted. “They even though Wow, this approach is too cruel to it.”

Long Yi behind four elders nodded in silence, a few people walked forward, eyes swept from the backrooms, looking at the front of the horrors, all eyes are showing up in indignation.

“non-hee girl, there’s chamber do?!” Long Yi returned to non-hee side, asked softly. He seems to see some clues, this chamber is certainly not the end of a cave.

non-hee heard, directed at Long Yi nodded his head, can not help but admire his eye and smiles. “Little Lord really good eye, here are the Chamber of Secrets, come with me!” Non-hee said he walked toward the side of the wall, she went to the wall before stopping, slowly reaching toward the wall to touch.

“and so on! careful!” dragon behind her suddenly clear drink soon, big hands stretched non-hee opened the wall. Hissing sound, leaving the right hand on the wall in the non-hee moment, suddenly appeared on the walls of a wave of white smoke, smoke enveloped the wall was actually slowly melting.

“corrosion potion!” Long Yi saw the changes on the walls, looking slightly changed, brow full of edge, he turned around and stared fiercely four weeks one, heads with violent anger, like an angry lion coming Typically, if there are other people in front, he would have rushed to tear him to pieces.

“non-hee, are you okay?!” Long Yi turned to look around but not any movement, it directed at non-hee and channels.

non-hee shook his head, heart cursed his careless, and whispered. “No, do not worry.”

Dragon glanced at a non-hee, in the eyes with a bit of blame, light channels. “These people you intend removed after they broke into the cave, and you stopped them in front of the cave, which they are bound in cloth under the authority, or the careful little good.”

non-hee Pieliaopiezui angle, smile soon Mouzhong flashed a bit sly, looking at the Qinglong Road. “The last time I came here, you also saw the illusory doorway, right?”

Dragon heard this, staring at the non-hee crystal flash of the eye, asked, laughing. “How? Do you want me to help you find agencies?!”

“Yes ah, you strength stronger than me, I just have not noticed that it is dangerous, for you will certainly do nothing!” non-hee nasty smile, hand patted the shoulder dragon, smile apologetically says.

Dragon glanced at a non-hee, Mouzhong with a faint smile, did not speak, he turned around, and finally those eyes fell on the container chamber, his eyes slightly narrowed, a sharp Mans flashed. He walked slowly beside a bottle container, turned around looking at the Long Yi Road. “Do you know what these containers medicine do?”

Long Yi heard this, a slight frown, he is not refining division, so there is not much research these potions, apparently also did not know that he Zhuantou Chao Longcang looked eyes with an inquiring look.

Longcang walked slowly beside the container, the container looked deep eyes staring at the moment, Chen Sheng said. “This seems to be the Dragon Snowy Peak five Shenshui.”

“five holy water?!” Long Yi heard this, looking sank, flashed a layer of clear brow violent aggressive look.

Longcang nodded, Chen Sheng said: “pure without impurities, water with a bit ethereal, contains a strong aura, will be five Shenshui!”

“They dare steal my Maronite five Shenshui doing so nasty things!” Long Yi growled, furious.

Longcang darkly nodded his head, sigh road. “Five Shenshui very precious, we have to send a special guardian dragon guarding, think or be they stole.”

Long Yi Jian Mei tightly puckering, tiger Mouzhong hard-edged, his hands clenched into fists, heavy road. “I Long Yi will let them pay!”

“If we can really five holy water.” Dragon nodded slightly, directed Long Yi said. “Five million drug Shenshui have washed the efficacy of these to that surface water splashed on the walls, will be able to wash away those corrosion syrup.

“Good!” Long Yi promised a cry, and then behind a guard against the schematic, so he poured the syrup into that side wall.

Suddenly, backrooms sounded dull low roar, the crowd rushed to the corner of the chamber Zhuantou Chao looked and saw several large cage corner hit wonder when people open a few eyes filled with ferocious fury of Warcraft The strange look in the crowd facing the chamber opposite grin.

“Well! few will be able to deal with me a little of Warcraft?!” Long Yi saw the side of the few World of Warcraft, sneer, shake full of disdain brow.

“little dragon master, be careful, they will carry with them strange atmosphere of Warcraft, Bukebufang!” non-hee gazing few Warcraft, saw their body slightly bloated, eyes dead weight, without a trace of Smart, her heart flash had somewhat foreboding, he turned to the Long Yi Road.

“Well, know.” Long Yi promised soon, dashing eyebrows slightly corrugated, and he was staring at a few Warcraft stare when suddenly see a Warcraft suddenly leaps toward the distance from the earth, it is the nearest one to attack guards.

Long Yi brought in dozens of guards are Maronite leader, everyone has nearly seven spiritual power, combat experience is extremely rich, that name lunged towards his guards saw Wow, he reversed the waist long knife will split down, suddenly blood splattered, Warcraft immediately killed.

“ah ……” However, the guards were surprised to find that the next moment screams fell to the ground, I saw him was splashed with blood Warcraft Teng then rising white smoke, burnt smell suddenly filled up the cave, guards face pale, constantly screams, body rolling on the floor four.

“the art of ice!” Long Cang Seeing this, Di heard the injured body weeks guards suddenly appeared a huge white ice, froze in his whole person into the ice.

non-hee saw the release of the elders Cang Long spells, hearts moment, immediately, his eyes flashed a look of joy, joy road. “Long Cang elders, with your ice technique to seal all those World of Warcraft, they are the body’s blood is very dangerous.” No wonder these people released these Warcraft deal with them, the original cave people had expected Warcraft is not their opponents, they tampered with in WoW’s body, really nasty extreme.

Longcang also saw these strange Warcraft, he promised a cry, he hurried out of the icy surgery released again, the opposite lunged toward them while a few Warcraft, World of Warcraft is still in the air will be the figure of a dragon Cang Frozen surgery sealed in the air.

“What is wrong with it?” Long Yi glances turned around and looked four weeks, it is still a bit worried, they conspire in front of non-hee, asked softly.

non-hee heard, listened attentively looked four weeks glances, notice any abnormalities, they Zhuantou Chao Dragon looked. “You feel strange yet?”

Dragon heard a faint smile, eyes with a bit indifferent, he does not speak, went to the wall lifting step, hand suddenly pressed down, the walls suddenly appeared unreal light, gradually emerged Portal .

“you be careful!” Long Yi told a cry, he snatched flying towards the hole.

non-hee quickly followed up, surprised to find that secret room actually has been empty, only the locked closet in the corner of the cage a few ragged man.

“Only these people do?” Long Yi turned around and looked a chamber four weeks, alarmed cry, and then walked towards the corner of the cage, so he went to the cage next to the cage was found dead person looking heavy, dull eyes, like is silly in general.

Longcang walked slowly beside the cage, deep eyes staring at the cage who looked a long while, square heavy sigh said. “These people insanity, watching them dress, I should be the Dragon people!”

Long Yi looking very ugly, and he nodded heavily, Chen Sheng said. “They are doing experiments in my Dragon territory will naturally catch me Maronite people!”

Long Yi said walked beside non-hee, a slight sigh, said. “Non-Hee girl, you see the origins of these people do?!”

“amount of” non-hee embarrassed to be a cry, brow Wei Zhou, said. “I saw five people came dressed in imperial costumes were this place, so I found the cave, but I’m not sure who is Huang were dry.”

Long Yi nodded thoughtfully, asked. “You’re in this hole also saw other people do?

non-Hee replied. “It seems they fled the chamber as there are many with the outside container, soak the human limbs off, but I have seen a young man, he is not just the guards, it should have escaped.”

Long Yi turned around, the chamber area is very large, it should not be imprisoned only a few people, and the Chamber of Secrets in the air still remained some of the syrup taste, it seems they just retreat soon.

Long Cang Long Yi went to the front, Baoquan said. “Little Lord, the mountain called Fuling mountain, the mountain is an independent, if they had fled to escape inevitable Fuling mountains outside, if they did not escape this mountain is still inevitable, whether we to waiting outside the cave.”

Long Yi slight frown, pondered for a moment, nodded. “Well, we went to go look outside the cave, find clues about what else, the elders, and you send these people take it away.” He said, his eyes looked deep corner of the large cage chamber one, they turned and walked out of the chamber.

When they reached a pedestrian entrance, I suddenly noticed a bit strange, seemingly floating in the hole at a bit of a dangerous atmosphere.

“people on the outside.” Dragon stopped, station

Hee heart whispered loudly, they continue to walk forward

Hee heart whispered loudly, they continue to walk forward. Eyes looked around from time to time. After going some distance and then, I saw in front of a chamber, but the chamber but was blocked by a heavy iron door.

non-hee hand shook the iron gate, motionless, seems to have been locked iron gate, her heart weigh a lot, we allocated a sword, a sudden surge of spiritual power, the blade again ejected toward strong Chiyan iron split to go.
Gold and Iron melts
slight sound, steel door wide open. “But this is not so strong shoulder door.” Uphold non-hee whispering loudly, then put on the fire in the light toward the dense stifled looked and saw the glittering chamber, she suddenly overawed by the sight, I saw a square actually filled chamber in gold coins, gold coins also stood next few mouthfuls of the box.

“make a fortune!” non-Qing Xiao Xi surprise soon, she will hand the torch thrown into the secret room, see no response, he gingerly walked into the chamber, she looked after a round in the chamber is not even found any authority, so many gold coins hidden in unexpected places there is not even trap.

non-hee mind though alarmed, but the face of so much gold, she will not think so much, she will receive all the coins into the Qiankun Dai, a few tens of thousands of gold coins straight to the side of the space Qiankun Dai bristle. After she finished loading coins, eyes and stopped at the side of the box a few mouthfuls, she stepped forward to open the box, I saw a box containing a few pieces of clothing.

mouthfuls she will fully open the box, did not find anything else, suddenly a bit disappointed. Finally, only the one case, what she did not expect this, but when she split after the last box is still excited one, the last one turned out boxes filled with a suitcase full of nuclei, a variety of color and grain nuclear accumulation in the hundreds of boxes full pieces, but nuclei levels ranging from only about a dozen pieces of seven nuclei, and the rest are some low-level nuclei.

non-hee does not mind, this is not a small fortune. All the nuclei are stuffed Qiankun Dai, Qiankun Dai no longer fit anything until after she was bitterly threw dozens of pieces of low-level nuclei. Her out of the chamber, continue walking toward the front, since to have come naturally should go in the end, to see what else the hole.

went to the second door, stand in front of non-hee looked at the gates, and still did not think, draw sword will be split down, did not expect the heavy iron door is still to be non-hee easily split.

“These doors are not so strong, that people who do Huang were so bad with the quality of the door?!” non-hee whispered sigh, then went inside. But she did not think that these are the Xishan steel forged iron, very solid, even though holding a magic world, in order to split these doors can not easily do, she has been able to so easily cleave gates, because her body with a sword Hellfire, Hellfire powerful is beyond anyone’s imagination.

non-hee went into the iron gate just after a strong smell of blood nostrils, the smell of blood in with stench, sickening, her brow Wei Zhou, mind flashed strong doubts, fighting back scent went forward.

cave dark, can not see anything, she reached out to work out a nucleus, faint glow like a faint light, her faint light nuclei by walking forward, Suddenly, a strange feeling Chung into the brain, and she was actually aware of the cave, there are many creatures. She slowly looked aside Zhuantou Chao, only saw one pair of faint green eyes staring at her, she suddenly some scalp tingling.

strange feeling coming, she felt a pair of faint green eyes with fear, disgust, unwilling, humiliation, was a pair of faint green eyes fixed under very miserable person, her heart in his throat She stopped to stand in the place, right hand touched the hilt to live his waist, ready for a fight.

so she looked a long while, I saw a pair of faint green eyes looking at his moment not blink, her heart suddenly give birth to a little doubting that this should be one pair of Warcraft eyes, staring at it for so long that they have read Why is not it rushing towards you? ! Think of here, she slowly turned and looked toward the eyes, left hand holding nuclei sent forward.

next moment, non-hee Daileng in the place, the atmosphere of fear filled the whole cave, I saw a pair of faint green eyes actually be immersed in a transparent container, the container filled with syrup general things, pair It seems like the eyes of Warcraft wolf’s eyes, this time alone after being placed on people dug that container, it is horrible exception.

non-hee uphold swallow a mouthful of saliva, heart surging, is who this hobby? ! Actually Favorites eyes.

“just a pair of eyes only!” non-hee whispering loudly, calm down your mood, though her heart had a little fear, but she still went forward, because she really wanted to know what else the hole.

As she walked forward, while attention around, I saw a lot of holes are placed on both sides of a transparent container, each container is filled with a special potion, soaking Warcraft head, viscera, a mess of things but filled with terror of this chamber. Rearmost chamber also closed a few cages slaughtered Warcraft, Warcraft saw non-hee when scarlet eyes are filled with violent but the look of fear.

“it appears that World of Warcraft is scared silly.” non-Hee murmured something he was ready to leave, this chamber is already the last one took off a strange thing and soaking container in a cage in a few World of Warcraft, and nothing else.

Suddenly, a slight footsteps, non-hee mind a tight, quickly sideways into a large container, the put away their spiritual power, hiding, eyes riveted on the sound coming from the direction of the wall appeared on an unreal light, shadow slowly expanded, and finally there was actually a doorway.

a black body of the old man came out from the doorway, his hands stick with an ancient, is looking down at the ancient books, it seems that something in the study.

“Master, that person has fainted.” crisp voice sounded, followed behind the old man out of a year of twenty-year-old youth.

“care minds, to keep his life! experiments continue!” the old man without looking up, just lightly said, without a trace of cold impersonal discourse.

“Master …… We can not …… do not Helenians experiment, this kind of thing ……” Young tone low, asked softly.

old man suddenly looked up toward the youth looked lengli eyes with a hint of the beholder. Seeing youth, quickly lowered his head did not dare to say it.

“Well!-for-nothing thing.” old low curse loudly, he stormed toward the other side of the chamber went, he went to the front of a wall, lift sleeve waved an unreal light flashed, the walls there was a doorway , the old man figure flash, they disappeared in the doorway into.

“hey ……” youth see the old man disappeared, whispered sighed and shook his head, Bianyu off the body in the back doorway.

“Helenians experiment?!” non-hee just hear their conversation hearts furans language cry, and then looked up toward the youth looked sharp eyes swept a mans.

hiding in the shadows of the non-hee feeling that just the old man’s spiritual power even in eight or more, she does not consider herself old opponent, but in front of the young people, but only six of the spiritual power, easy to deal with him. Non-Hee shadow flash, will appear in the youth behind coldness Zhaxian, youth had a chance to shout it has been non-hee uniforms.

“Hush!” non-hee Di heard, a little tight in the hands of Janus, firmly stick to the youth’s neck.

“What are you doing experiments?!” non-hee asked to drink.

“girl, I advise you to leave here as soon as good, if found to be my master, you’re able to get away!” Young discourse light, calm said.

non-hee can not help but praise for the youth of anyone a little, but how can she leave so easily, and always want to see what the chamber has to say it. “Take me go!” Non-hee Di heard, pushing the next youth said.

“Girl, you really want to go in?” non-hee in the hands of young people are not afraid of the sword, faint asked.

“Do not talk nonsense.”

“Well, I have to discourage you so.” Youth sigh, slowly stretched out his right hand, groping for a moment on the wall, hard pressed, an unreal light flashed after they appeared in a doorway.

openings occur at the moment, non-hee can not help but surprised a moment, I saw the back doorway was actually a very large area of ​​a square chamber, the chamber at this time dozens of black people in the stands, watching their dress should be guarded, and the Chamber of Secrets placed in dozens of large water tanks generally transparent container, the container turned out to be alive …… …… people!

“animal act!” low non-hee hearts curse loudly, his eyes swept from the backrooms, saw container, soak the human arm amputation, there are many people who are still alive are locked in the side of the cage. She saw this scene, the hearts of anger, the heart can no longer stifled wrath.

“Who are you!?” At this time, the guards have found the cave Portal at non-hee, dozens of eyes looking to kick towards the non-hee, led by a man asked to drink.

“girl, run away now, you are not their opponents!” Then, as a hostage by non-hee young man suddenly turned to her said, his shot from the side looks good, soft lines, called handsome.

“brute!” non-hee low scolded loudly, beat hit in the youth’s back, they Lueshen flew away towards the outside the cave.

“intruder! chase!” violent roar sounded, the chamber of dozens of guards quickly turned toward the non-hee chase, just went up to the chamber in advance by non-Hee Young, dozens of guards chase was young a resistance, they lost a little initiative.

non-Hee heart to know so many people that they are not rivals, they no longer stay, back wings fierce earthquake, with lightning speed rushed towards outside the cave.

“the man with wings?!” Chasing the chamber behind the guards saw the non-hee wings, can not help but alarmed Road, everyone face a look of shock, that expression as much as seeing peerless monster.

“See what see! not quick to chase!” At this time, the old man walked into another chamber also rushed out, he Bao He soon, so she took the crowd forward to chase.

non-hee fast, they flew to the hole a few Shanyue place, the hole at still being blocked by boulders, she raised his sword will be against the boulders amputation. Bang! Loud sound after plugging in the hole broken boulders crashing as powder.

figure of a vertical non-hee, he jumped out of the hole. “Send you a gift!” Non-Hee Ching drink soon, the release of prisoners cattle unreal, thrown into the hole.

“Do Ying Peng!” catch hole old man saw flying unreal prisoners cattle, Bao He soon, releasing a huge prison Niusuo junction array will settle into the array.

“This old thing really powerful!” Seeing non-hee, low curse loudly, constantly encouraging the back wings quickly leave.

“do not chase the female doll’s speed is too fast.” the old man stood at the entrance, watching the meteor disappeared in the western horizon generally non-hee, whispered shouted.

“here has been exposed, and quickly transfer!” the old man turned around and asked the person behind against a cry, he walked into the cave.

non-hee escaped from the cave after she pops in to see the scene in the chamber, long time can not calm mood. “Beast better!” Non-hee low curse loudly, wondering how to deal with the hearts of those who cave, those people are very strong spiritual power, especially the old man that name is reached eight spiritual power of the realm, with her one human power can not be destroyed their lair.

“Now here is the Maronite site, you should look for Long Yi help.” Non-Hee mind thought here, Bianyu off the body toward the direction of the city LONG Yu Dragon fly, but she suddenly stopped, Maronite people because of the village things destroyed her as an enemy, if now go, is not something wrong? !

non-hee froze in place, suddenly some difficult decisions. “If now is not a coma like dragon with dragon in, those people not worth mentioning!” Non-hee whispered sigh, brow with a dignified look. “If I’m strong enough, I can save those people down!”

non-hee back with wings slightly encouraged, stay in the air, his eyes staring at the moment is not instantaneous direction waterfall, she knew, these people will certainly be in the shortest possible time to leave the cave, if they leave, and then find they are afraid will be difficult.

“Are you eager to destroy the demon lair?!” Suddenly, I heard a tender voice sounded.

non-hee heard, hearts surprised a moment, and hurried toward the side looked down and saw the dragon do not know when awake, when it is suspended in mid-air, round yo eyes staring at her faint smile.

“you wake up it?!” non-hee hearts surprise, hastily reached out to Dragon hold in the arms, rubbing his forehead intimacy laughed. “As long as you wake up just fine, so do not worry about those people! Ha ha.”

Dragon impatient struggle of the two, see earn not open non-hee’s arms, they give up, just looking at the non-hee said coldly. “What do you mean?! Do you want me to help you kill those people?!”

“Of course, you do not help me who helped me?! those who are very strong spiritual power, do not want to deal with them I am a man do?!” non-hee alarmed tract, mouth light Gouzhuo pale smile.

dragon shook his head, pale channels. “No, just those people who have a very strong spiritual power of the old man, now I did not restore spiritual power, I just woke up it.”

non-hee heard, suddenly a little discouraged, the cave of the guards, so powerful non-dragon who can not deal with, and now Dragon did not recover, so do not let them? !

dragon saw non-hee lost his face looked, and said. “However, there is a way.”

“What way?!” not looking for a hi-hee, quickly asked.

Dragon Guzuoshenchen pondered for a moment, raised his head and looked at the non-hee laughs. “You’re just in the cave is not got many nuclei?”

right ah, how the? “Non-Hee hear Dragon’s questioning, suddenly puzzled mind, this have anything to do with the nuclei, light hook up under her mouth and said.” I’m still cave made a small fortune, got tens of thousands of gold coins . ”

“Blessings.” Dragon nodded, then said. “I’m not interested in gold, the nuclei gave you get out.”

non-hee puzzled frown, but still very obedient opened Qiankun Dai, took more than a dozen pieces of seven nuclei of Warcraft, placed in front of the dragon.

“Are you willing these nuclei?!” dragon Seeing ten different colors of the nuclei, light voice asked.

“What’s the bear, if you want to give Hello, I Qiankun Dai in there.” non-hee face an indifferent smile, laugh. These seven nuclei indeed precious, but since Dragon opening, she refused anything of the reason, the reason is simple, but ancient animal dragon, and now he was injured with myself to some nuclei, such as his injury recovery, kill what World of Warcraft No, it will not help her dragon fragmentation? !

Qinglong see non-hee so generous, can not help but nodded slightly, light voice said. “Your body has a pure hell fire, and used these nuclei Hellfire refined into magic crystal, I will be able to make use of these magic crystal recovery somewhat spiritual power.”

“I will not refining ah!” non-hee Pieliaopiezui angle, Mouzhong exposing helpless look, sighed.

“is very simple, this does not require skill, as long as the Hellfire will shape these nuclei can be fired into Dan.” Dragon said, turned around and looked at each other not far away, and said. “Unfortunately, there are no towns, unable to buy pharmaceutical Ding!”

“I how refining?” non-hee asked.

“do not control the nuclei into the palm, with the hell fire refining it.” Dragon said a faint, they flew non-hee shoulders stopped.

non-Hee nodded to a seven on the palm at the nucleus, the body transported dark spiritual power, spiritual power through arm meridians erupting out of the red flames flashed, her hands suddenly after nucleation encounter Hellfire jump.

“fire under control, not too big!” dragon Seeing blurted.

“Well!” non-Hee nodded, spiritual power will recover somewhat, Chiyan fire a little small, they are suspended in the Chiyan nuclei over the barbecue with Chi Yan, slightly deformed nuclei, nuclei within seem to have an ethereal and powerful spiritual force surging. Condensation nuclei is the essence of the power of Warcraft, there are within each nucleus with its own spiritual power Warcraft quite violent

Prisoners cattle body clumsy, slow movement

Prisoners cattle body clumsy, slow movement, ink blue Xuanbing calabash is fast, it is not open to escape, Xuanbing ado, hit the prisoners back of a bull. Aoao wailing! Prisoners cattle eat pain, sky roar, more powerful spiritual force from its body weeks gush.

repeated attacks down, prisoners have suffered much for a few cattle road wound, blood continued emission, while the wounded prisoners cattle more excitement, made up Biao, the powerful combat alarming.

“Is it just prisoners cattle just warm up?! that it is not like abuse?!” non-hee looked the stronger of the Vietnam War prisoners cattle, can not help but whispered.

Dragon nodded his head and smiles. “Prisoners cattle not only slow response, the state is also slow to enter the battle, each battle are generally experienced several attacks of others after prisoners cattle before entering combat. Fortunately, it is thick-skinned, and now the ink calabash, though they have nearly eight level of spiritual power, but compared with the prisoners cattle is always a lot worse. ”

non-hee heard, looked toward the ink calabash, and she felt his body of spiritual power surging more strongly, reaching eight faint state of spiritual power. “What a treasure A ah! Actually be able to improve people’s spiritual power!” Non-hee can not help but sigh.

“If let others know that he has Xuanbing A, can certainly lead to fatal disaster, do not pay attention to this point little fool!” dragon raised an eyebrow, said lightly.

non-hee mind a slight movement, no wonder it did not bring this before the ink calabash armor to wear out, the original is worried that others snatch, but this time he turned himself in order to help capture Warcraft and revealed Xuanbing A!

“Dragon, no one hundred miles around it.” Non-Hee hearts worry ink calabash Xuanbing A was found, quickly asked.

“and so on!” dragon promised soon, slowly closed his eyes, in his eyes the moment, cyan Ruoyouruowu spiritual power scattered out from his body Thursday, spiritual power gradually drift into the night.

Shortly after, dragon eye slowly opened his eyes, whispered. “Do not worry! Nobody!”

“That would be nice.” non-hee long sigh, mind relax a little, looked up toward the ink calabash looked and saw the back of the ink calabash goshawk already tired sweating. He has been fighting with the prisoners cattle for a long time, Hugh force gradually consumed. If it is not by virtue of his Blue Eagle flying air superiority battle prisoners cattle, perhaps he would have defeated it.

“ink calabash, do you want me to help you!” non-hee ink calabash see why he did not break force gradually, and because cattle although injured, but the rise of more fighting, then the speaker shouted at him.

“no!” Mo Li Qing drink soon, brow edge grew out.

roar! Mexican calabash prisoners cattle were attacked after a long time, and suddenly a long roar, back one pair of blue wings flashed, they flew into the air. Released prisoners cattle wings suddenly accelerated action several times, spiritual power is a lot stronger.

“ink calabash, be careful!” non-hee saw the prisoners cattle powerful momentum and quickly roared.

“rest assured!” Ink calabash still Siyaomianzi, he saw prisoners cattle rushing it rides Lanying rushed up.

Suddenly, a flash of blue flame, suddenly opened his mouth prisoners cattle actually emitted a burning blue flame. Blue flame ejected moments, surrounded by the air suddenly much sense out of the intense heat.

“Underworld fire!” dragon saw the prisoners cattle emitted blue flames, eyes sank, whispered. “Imagine prisoners cattle actually got so skills!”

non-hee hands of the sword a pull, pull in figure suddenly they rushed toward the ink calabash, she felt a blue flame just the power of that road, then I am afraid that is not down ink calabash.

“and so on! I come!” dragon leaping suddenly grabbed a non-hee, Di heard, Bianyu help ink calabash siege.

“Do not underestimate me!” Mexican calabash with a glimpse of non-hee must save his dragon, he shouted, his arms slightly open, the tyranny of the spiritual power suddenly gush. “Xuanbing junction array!” An enormous blue Xuanbing junction array highlights out of the blue flame encounter Xuanbing junction array, when they instantly put junction array melt.

“forced me!” Mexican calabash Seeing, looking slightly changed, his eyes slightly heavy, brow flashed a sharp Mans, sharp as scraping. Shortly thereafter, he even closed his eyes.

“Open!” As soon as the ink clean drinking calabash of his blue body-week spiritual power suddenly swell several times, spiritual power gradually turned blue blue, blue expanse. Spiritual power expansion of the moment, sounded faint howling Roar general.

“transit robbery! fool! This can not just use it?!” dragon saw Zhou Ling ink calabash body force change, eyes flashed a dignified, quietly cried.

“His spiritual power more powerful.” non-hee will be determined by looking at the sky ink calabash, saw his black hair was actually turns blue in an instant, when the ink calabash body is blue, while His body weeks seems to linger more spiritual power blue ocean, tyrannical unrivaled atmosphere pressure coming from the sky. Trance, calabash people feel at this time of the ink has completely changed as a person.

strange second volume chamber 029

As night fell, autumn rain started falling. Sea blue sky touch the body of the figure stands still, blue duo Mans Xuanbing A ferocious, he Jingmang radiant blue eyes, blue hair no wind automatically, when the ink calabash sprang like hell demons, and like Ares from the most ancient, beautiful.

“This is the power of crossing the robbery you?!” dragon looking at the night sky body exudes a brilliant Lanmang ink calabash, stared said.

non-hee right hand carrying a sword, stood staring at the sky ink calabash, brow with a shocked look, she could feel it, now ink calabash spiritual power has broken up eight, or even close to eight peak condition . Trance, she felt in the dream, only seven five ink calabash how spiritual power may become an instant super psychic powers have eight persons.

roar! Prisoners cattle screams rang, “blue transit robbery” in the Mexican calabash launched an attack on the prisoners cattle, overwhelming blue Xuanbing from all sides rushed towards the prisoners cattle, strong power to whom heaven and earth color, prisoners cattle Xuanbing he struck suddenly screams again and again, into the blood stream.

“It’s true!” non-hee hear the screams of prisoners cattle, suddenly recovered, she was not dreaming, surrounded smelled really strong spiritual force ink calabash, calabash now already has eight ink spiritual power.

“What are you saying?!” dragon hear non-hee furans language, brow Wei Zhou, and turned to look toward the non-hee, light voice asked.

non-hee uphold swallow a spittle, stable mind a bit, Leng Leng looked at Qinglong Road. “That man is a Mexican calabash do?! Why his spiritual power so strong?!”

Dragon heard, eyes slightly heavy, dark heads of Jinmang convergence, brow full of cutting edge, and he nodded his head and whispered. “That man is indeed ink calabash, think brats actually practicing crossing the robbery of this spell.”

“crossing the robbery?!” alarmed a non-hee, asked again. “Crossing the robbery is what?”

“crossing the robbery is an ancient taboo practice the art of practicing this spell has many harsh conditions, as the conditions of practicing magic, I do not know how, just know that the practitioner must be a magician to be able to use, and This spells great harm on people’s own, but it allows the practitioner to improve a lot of strength in an instant, the Mexican calabash release after crossing the robbery, spiritual power to enhance a grade. seen him crossing the robbery of practice so powerful, but the power of larger crossing the robbery of their own harm to the. “Dragon slight sigh, whispered.

“The original cost of the expense of their own, no wonder called taboo magic!” non-hee eyes slightly narrowed, Chen Sheng said, her heart can not help but worry a little ink calabash, this kid too impulsive! Even for a cow prisoners harm themselves with this spell! However, surging out of her mind, a bit touched, ink calabash transit robbery against releasing prisoners cattle is to her.

“But this spell on the continent, but everyone wants to learn, to enhance the spiritual power for all, with too much temptation.” Dragon smile soon said.

“But this spell on their own have hurt ah!” non-hee said lightly, insignificant tightly corrugated, and she looked in the eyes of the ink calabash can not help a bit more worried.

“Yes, this spell I had not seen it, think ink calabash actually learned this kid, he really is a genius.” Dragon said lightly, though with a bit of joy discourse, but conceal concern in his voice.

“transit robbery” too much injury to persons, or even fatal injuries! This sentence, the Dragon just did not say to them.

non-hee hear the discourse with a bit hidden dragon, her heart slightly tight, his eyes riveted on the air, ink calabash, calabash ink fear the next moment what would happen in general.

sky ink calabash cattle Battle with prisoners continues, prisoners cattle brilliant Qingmang shrouded body, like between heaven and earth Xiongshen, raging collision, while a blue ink A calabash is filled with tyrannical blue body spirit force, a strong suffocating atmosphere Longzhu the entire world.

Boom! Strong explosion sounded, ink calabash with prisoners cattle have been in the air for a number of face collision. Powerful ice continuously from the front of the ink calabash issued sharp picks roared rushed prisoners cattle, and cattle although systemic wounded prisoners, but it is Yuezhanyueyong.

“to the limit!” dragon looked Mexican calabash body weeks gradually dim blue light, and suddenly Di heard, he rushed to the air sideways.

“ink calabash, put away your spell!” dragon figure from Mexico grazed beside calabash, facing him Di heard and saw a flash of green mango, dragon has to do with cattle war prisoners in together.

Ow ~ ~! See Qinglong towards prisoners cattle to attack their own, can not be reconciled sky roar, animal strict hierarchy among prisoners cattle produce contract let a little fear. But this time dragon fighting severely reduced, although the prisoners cattle because of fear of attack Qinglong not hard, but the dragon would beat prisoners cattle in a moment, but it is impossible.

“Who wants you to help me!” Mexican calabash roar heard, he rushed into the shadow flash battle circle.

“go back!” With Dragon’s heard Di, an invisible impulsive body weeks since his birth, the ink calabash driven back several feet.

non-hee saw the ink did not listen to discourage calabash still desperate prisoners cattle rushed toward her sigh, then Tingjian leapt high altitude. Speaker shouted. “Mexican calabash! You come back!”

ink calabash hear non-hee clear drink, slightly surprised a moment, looked back toward non-hee shallow smile. “Non-hee, do not worry about me! I promised you will definitely help you catch prisoners cattle ……”

ink calabash talking, suddenly body-week Lanmang suddenly disappeared, followed by the blue color of his hair suddenly returned to its original color, his complexion a tight, revealing thick tired brow color, figure a crooked it fell down.

“Mexican calabash!” Seeing non-hee, clear drink soon, and hurried Luedao ink calabash beneath his catch.

Boom! Non-Hee just feel like there is a boulder hit toward her, her arms and sank, the ink will fall into her arms calabash. “Well sink!” Non-hee whispered shouted.

non-hee ink calabash bow toward arms looked and saw him frown, eyes closed, the color is very thick brow dignified, he seemed to suppress the agony.

“calabash ink, ink calabash!” non-hee successive cried a few times, the ink calabash did not respond. He has entered a coma.

“Dragon, how to help him?!” non-hee see ink calabash coma, looked up hastily directed air dragon asked.

“You take care of him! wait for me!” dragon promised non-hee soon will no longer say, because the air Yuezhanyueyong prisoners cattle, has not up Dragon distracted.

non-light Yaoxia Chun Hee, looking at the ink calabash furrowed eyebrows, heart colic, she calls out to help the earth bears ink calabash healing, small polar bear emerge out of the body weeks unreal aura surrounds the ink calabash, warm muscles to help him , but because the earth bears just been rein, and not through practice, treatment is very poor.

“You take care of ink calabash! I have to deal with prisoners cattle.” non-hee suddenly of a heart give birth to an unquenchable urge to drink soon as she cleared the ink calabash flat on the ground, he leapt to the high altitude.

dragon saw swept to a non-hee, a sigh, he nodded his head. “Or, as long as you can support one will be good.” Hugh force at this time prisoners cattle consume more than half, perhaps non-hee could persist for some time. Dragon hearts uphold wondering, then sideways to ink calabash side.

prisoners cattle see non-hee replace the Dragon, suddenly overjoyed, although the strength of the dragon at this time greatly reduced, but the dragon after all, is a four-star Plough animal, as a day of prisoners cattle Fiends psychologically they have a right Plough animal fear. The face of non-hee, these prisoners cattle need not scruple.

Dragon back to the floor to take care of ink calabash, when prisoners cattle suddenly boomed, insane attack go towards non-hee, hee because there is no non-riding pet can fly, they fall back to the ground, her feet not stand, I would see a young Mans toward her shot to.

“only cow mad?!” non-hee low uttered figure hurried back a few steps to escape prisoners cattle attacks.

ink calabash is giving healing dragon saw the side of the non-hee into a bitter struggle, can not help but frown, he glanced at a non-hee, speaker said. “Hold on, I’ll be right!”

“Do not mind me! calabash first treatment of ink.” Non-Hee hastily promised a constantly Shanyue the stature, avoiding the prisoners cattle attacks. Although prisoners cattle extremely powerful spiritual force, but fortunately it reflects some slow. Non-Hee relying sensitive physique elude attacks prisoners cattle how difficult it would not.

Qinglong see non-hee does not matter, they worry a little, he will lift up from the ground ink calabash, he pulls out his right hand against the back of the ink calabash, cyan spiritual power emitted slowly from the Dragon hand, slowly taken to ink calabash body.

Suddenly, the air drifting Jisi spiritual power fluctuations. Then, dozens of so powerful spiritual force coming towards non-hee here.

“bad! Someone’s coming!” non-hee feel the spiritual power of dozens of stocks surging, the hearts of micro-heavy, low Heliaoyisheng.

“Let’s go.” Dragon naturally felt a surge of spiritual power, he quickly stopped to help heal calabash ink, the ink reflexive calabash on her own, directed at non-Hee shouted, Bianyu recede.

“in front of whomever!” Bao He sounded hoarse cry. Deep roar like thunder exploded in the air generally.

roar! Working with non-hee fight prisoners heard the sound of clear drinking cow, suddenly roared toward the direction of the sound emitted rushed. Non-Hee Seeing this, the hearts of a moment, turned to look at the Green Dragon, alarmed road. “What do you mean!”

dragon eyes in Jinmang Shanyue, faint with something dignified look, he looked at the prisoners rushed to cattle, muses. “Bearer of the spiritual power is very strong, prisoners cattle always liked powerful opponent, it seems it is the disdain with you fight!”

non-hee heard, Pieliaopiezui corner, my mind a bit lost, whispered cursed. “This big stupid cow really foolish enough ah!”

“bite day overlapping waves!” hoarse roar sounded again. The air was suddenly filled with a searing heatwave, not far away, a crimson flames suddenly flashed out.

“is Mohists!” non-hee saw the sky crimson flames appeared that road, hearts hesitated, remembering that night Mohist encountered a large Presbyterian ink flame, flames nine ancient god carved War masters of this continent The only combat pet do they reveal practitioner, are good at is fire based attacks.

“Well?! weapons in the hands of this man Is flames nine War?!” sky dragon saw flames appeared, eyes hesitated, standing still, murmured.

non-hee heard, Zhuantou Chao Dragon looked, asked. “You know how flames nine Shame?!”

Dragon glanced at a non-hee, a faint smile. “If I can not recognize even this, would not live up to the name of the first Plough first star.”

“This man is the great elders Mohist ink flame.” Non-Hee nodded and said.

“Mohists Well, it seems that the ink can not be with us a calabash.” Dragon sigh, put down the back of the ink calabash. Lower your eyes looked toward the ink calabash, heads exposed somewhat dismay.

non-hee looking slightly changed, thoughtfully nodded, lost ink calabash such companions, she did some dismay, but after all the ink calabash Mohist little master, he should have stayed Mohists capital.

Ow! Heard violent screams sounded, rushed to attack the prisoners cattle suddenly come off the body back, rushing toward the non-hee, I saw the prisoners cattle systemic wounding, hit the back of the wings burning, when its body is flopping with red flames, screams again and again.

“come good and strong!” dragon saw the prisoners cattle fiasco a while back, eyes slightly heavy, whispered.

chance! Non-Hee looked rushed back prisoners cattle, mind flashed a strange idea, she would figure a vertical towards prisoners cattle greeted mouth dragon saw non-hee desperate rushed prisoners cattle, heart sank, and hurried shout Road. “Non-hee! Are you crazy!?”

However, in the dragon shout words of the moment, a miracle actually happened, I saw the prisoners saw cattle onto a non-hee, the sky suddenly angry

is not a dangerous encounter took uncle

“Be careful!” Mexican calabash Seeing this, hurried hand the non-hee pulled, pulled her own Lanying back. “What made the Golden Lion nerve!” Mexican calabash angrily.

bow towards the foot of the non-hee looked and saw the gorgeous Golden Lion figure gradually become smaller, Needless moment then disappear in the eyes. “This is how the Golden Lion?!”

“is not a dangerous encounter took uncle?!” Mo Li Chen Sheng said.

“Father!?” non-hee mind a tight, a sense of foreboding climb heart.

“We continue to see it?!” Mo Li suddenly to the spirit, he seemed to enjoy join in the fun.

non-hee slight frown, although his father explained to her waiting at the top, but she is worried about the safety of his father, he scruples not so much, she nodded and said: “Good! I go look!”

“go!” Ink calabash Langxiao soon as they rode the eagle swooped down.

As they gradually fall, a dilapidated village appeared in front of them, hundreds of houses have been exhaustively destroyed, dilapidated buildings still glowing sparks, smoke everywhere. Villages hit by both young and old people who count them beheaded, bloody, horrible.

“good Cana!” Mo Li saw the immediate horrors, can not help but whispered.

non-hee turned around, eyes swept from the ruins of the village. Eyeful splashing blood and broken limbs, blood everywhere, she seemed to hear these people dying struggles and cries.

Whoosh! A bloody feijian pierce the sky, straight shot towards the non-hee, the strength Henla is fast.

“Be careful!” Ink calabash call out loudly, hastily pulls out his right hand, a mass of blue Xuanbing flew from his hands, went up to the flying sword.

bang! After the force of the sword hit Xuanbing lost, fell on the ground.

“kill …… kill you ……” delirious discourse sounded, a man’s figure appeared in front of non-hee calabash with ink, the old man body with blood, faces blurred, cloudy with a fierce and brutal heads of glow. He spoke, he staggered footsteps rushing towards non-hee.

“stop!” Mo Li Qing drink soon, stand in front of non-hee, shouted. “Why did you kill us?!”

plop! The old man has not yet come and speak, they ran straight down to the ground. Non-Hee seeing this, quickly stepped forward, the old man propped up.

“non-hee, be careful ah!” Mexican calabash seeing this, can not help but worry exclaimed.

“Nothing!” non-hee on the man’s breath hand probe, can not help looking slightly heavy. Chen Sheng Road. “He is dead.”

ink Li Jian Mei Weicu, pick up the sword, walked in front of non-hee, the old man looked at the ground, softly. “This sword is good, to have such a sword! He seems Maronite identity is not low in people.”

“Really?!” non-hee took the hand ink calabash hands of the sword, sword weight is quite heavy, start with heaviness, Janus ferocious, sharp blade seems ethereal Mans flow. She nodded. “Is a good sword!”

non-hee said bow toward the old man who looked and saw the old man in front of even a dozen wounds, showing that the old man is alive with others had given a fierce battle. No wonder she just felt a strong spiritual power fluctuations. Charred an old wound, faint blood flow, and looking at the wound actually some non-hee can not tell what is causing these wounds.

“You can see what the old man seriously injured you?!” non-hee looked for a moment, then turned to inking calabash road.

ink Li shook his head, Chen Sheng said. “Look wound size should be cuts and bruises, but the wound charred, but also like the flame burns.”

non-Hee looked at the old man’s face blurred, I saw the old man lifeless horror, eyes wide open, his eyes with a strong unwilling, non-hee sigh, leaned his hand, covered by the old man’s eyes, repeated heal , was actually not close the old man’s eyes.

“really wasted step ah!” heavy non-hee said, Mouzhong has raised a little pain.

Suddenly, non-hee noticed an old man hanging from his waist Tiepai, her hand off his waist Tiepai old man, turning to look, saw Tiepai back tattooed dragon, while the front is written – Long Rain word.

“is the Maronite people!” non-hee handed the White ink calabash hands, Chen Sheng said.

“and should be Maronite Dharma!” Mo Li took Tiepai seems a moment, then said. “Only law enforcement and the family elders to qualify wearing such Darksteel token, this token has the power to mobilize the army! Maronite four elders we have seen, he should be a Maronite law enforcement.”

“Custodian of how Dragon will die here?!” non-Hee alarmed road.

ink calabash looked up one of the four weeks, shaking his head. “I also wonder, there is only one village, surrounded by barren, Dragon Custodian of how it would come here!”

“yes you do!?” Suddenly, I heard Bao He sounded indignant roar exception.

non-hee heard, and hurried Zhuantou Chao looked behind him and saw the Dragon with Grand Ayatollah Longcang appeared in dozens of people behind them. At this time, dozens of Dragon Warriors face filled with anger.

“great elders, we just got here!” non-hee helpless eyebrow tract, mouth slightly sip, mind can not help but worry.

Longcang heard this, do not speak, his sharp eyes swept from the ruins of the village, and finally stopped in the eyes of non-hee in the hands of the sword, and he saw that the sword, his eyes clearly a lag.

“Long rain!” Long Cang Bao He soon, figure flash begins with non-hee flashed around, threw herself into the dead man’s name beside it, burst into tears.

“great elders, we are very sad.” Non-Hee see Longcang heartbroken, can not help but whispered.

Longcang suddenly looked up toward the non-Xi Wang, the vicissitudes Mouzhong filled with a layer of icy chill, Chen Sheng said. “How could his sword in your hands?!” Non, where blue * Ling Hand

ink calabash Seeing, quickly stepped forward and said. “We just came here, the old man would be for us Tingjian opposite!”

“Tingjian opposite?! Is it you killed him!” Long Cang looking more gloomy, old eyes swept him from the dead, so he beheld more than at the old man who burned charred wounds, eyes suddenly cohesion.

“flower non-hee! Is not you kill the dragon rain!” Long Cang Bao sky, right over the pages, he clutched the back of multicolored sword in the hands.

non-hee Seeing this, the hearts of a moment, looking at her for a long rain Deadly wound, and then look at yourself in the hands of the sword, and a mouth really can not tell!

“Grand Ayatollah Why doubt me?!” non-hee said helplessly.

“I have seen you Longcang red flames on the sword!” at this time seems to have lost his mind Cang Long, old face of anger, red with rage. Not far from this time dozens Dragon Warriors also approached the non-hee trapped in the middle.

“Is it only I could do with a flame!?” non-Xi Chen Sheng Road.

Longcang heard, the surface layer of dignified flashed, but he looked up one of the four weeks, the complexion becomes more ugly, his eyes fixed on a dilapidated wall, and he saw lying there a Maronite dying soldier.

Longcang sergeant hurried Lueshen that were in front of him propped up, asked. “Who destroyed this village?!”

“days … Gang …… Lion” Sgt spit out words after Touyi Wai, then off the gas.

“flower Ke!” Long Cang teeth and said that he expected to slowly Zhuantou Chao non-hee, severely Road. “Flower Ke somewhere?!”

non-hee look a lag, froze in place, just that people say Plough Lion? ! Is father Plough Lion? !

Longcang see haggard face with non-hee, he Leng Heng, pointing to a collapse of the building said. “There lion claw scratches! Can give all a trick to destroy a village only spend Ke turned into the gas Plough Plough Lion!”

just released his own father did a mind Plough lion, but it is not the Plough Lion, how will the lion claw marks, but his father was to divert the pursuers behind was released, how would fall into this village on it? !

“flower Ke what?!” Long Cang eyes become more gloomy, cold voice said foot step.

“Believe me! definitely not my father did!” said a non-hee hastily.

“Shut up!” Long Cang wrath again, his hand pointing to the ruins of the village said. “Do you know this village to remove the original villagers who else?!”

“What people?!” non-hee hearts puzzled, he asked.

“Licheng defenders! less conservative Dragon Lord to help you to the secrets of illusion, you will see the metamorphosis of Licheng Dragon defenders sent to North desert corps, because it was getting late, Longius law enforcement led five hundred defenders reside here, but it was a disaster! Do not you murdered you?! “Long Cang indignant said, with a bit muddy tears in the eyes.

“dragon elders, are we in your hearts is such a man?!” non-hee knew Longcang since they found murdered, it is difficult to change his mind. And he indeed reasonable suspicion.

“Clothes make the man! No matter what, you now have to go back with us Longyu city! wait long Maronite find out the truth! If it were not for the ye, Long Cang necessarily abject apology to you and if you really, Cichou not reported vow man! “Long Cang broke into, said, sonorous tone.

“non-hee, we can not go back with them, this time being LONG Yu Chu Tianqin city!” Mexican calabash Seeing, leans in front of non-hee, whispered.

non-Hee nodded, she naturally understand this, if true as Longcang back, then they become a fish on the chopping block, trampled upon, although she appreciated Maronite people, but does not mean she You can let them do whatever they want.

“I can not tell you to go back!” non-hee looked straight Longcang, Read on.

“Well! If you are not with us to go back, how do we find the flower Ke! Maronite villages were destroyed, five hundred defenders with hundreds of villagers were no survivors, you must responsibly!” Long Cang cold voice said, in the hands of colorful light on the sword even more gorgeous.

“the old man to be hands-on, I can help you stall him, you quickly go!” Mexican calabash whispered again, the right hand over the pages, Prodigy round will appear in the hands.

“ink calabash little master, you can also go back with decrepit. It’s something you can not escape the stakeholders.” Long Cang cold voice said, the body suddenly spewing spiritual power, tyrannical incomparable atmosphere like volcanic eruptions generally slightly stooped from his in stature out.

roar! A huge black bear appeared in the Long Cang side, seems determined to combat pet is Longcang doubt. He had the experience of non-hee can release shocking red flame, so a shot, Long Cang will be playing a twelfth of the spirit, to pending.

four weeks, dozens of Dragon Warriors also flashed their weapons and combat pet, just waiting Longcang order, they will rush to go.

“blue junction array!” Mo Li Qing drink soon, a huge ice flash.

“childish!” Long Cang Bao He soon, countless Feng Ren suddenly appeared in front of him, and he soon Qing Xiao, Feng Ren then they rushed in front of blue ice, tearing voice sounded. Huge blue Xuanbing in countless fengren front of vulnerable, and soon will be fengren crushed ice, scattered falls to the ground.

while Longcang released fengren crushed blue ink calabash after junction array is not headed towards non-hee, but disappeared in the face of non-hee, apparently Longcang does not kill.

“non-hee! Run!” Mexican calabash see myself Longcang strength of the gap is too great, one can not help but bear in mind, he hurried toward non-Hee Ching drink soon, Bianyu rushed.

“You do not go! I will not go!” non-hee see ink calabash rushed for themselves, touched the hearts filled with returning, Chen Sheng said, her hands slowly throw sword, pulled out his waist blood Drink sword.

“Not long ago, we have joined forces against the enemy, so soon will have to think of opposing the sword!” non-hee wry smile, looking at the Long Cang Road.

Longcang heard, Mouzhong faint flicker of bear, Chen Sheng said. “As long as non-hee girl told us to go back, before I could find out things to ensure your safety.”

non-hee again shook his head with a wry smile, her arms and injured dragon, that’s a masterpiece animal that will lead to many people coveted, her mind clear, not to mention the destruction of this village is not nothing relationship with her .

“That will make it work!” Long Cang Bao He soon, the body clothes because the body swells spewing spiritual power, spiritual power tyrannical head again toward non-hee sprang.

non-hee felt Longcang breathtaking strength, gasped, Long Cang can become Maronite First Presbyterian really extraordinary strength, this level of spiritual power should be eight pinnacle of the bar.

“Stop it!” Just at this point, I heard sounded like a remote Roar Bao, followed by the number of shadows coming from the sky, a moment effort falls on the dragon between elders with non-hee.

“Little Lord!” Long Cang come see what Long Yi, then Chen Sheng shouted.

“dragon elders!” Long Yi heavy to be a cry, sharp eyes swept from the surrounding villages in ruins, dark eyes gradually, his hands clenched into a fist, finger joints Kaka sounds, face more angular lines on , brow with a powerful rage. Maronite people always hatred must be reported.

“Who?!” Long Yi dense open road.

Longcang Seeing this, sigh road. “I do not know, however, a historical city garrison before dying Lion Plough only shouted words!”

“flower Ke?!” Long Yi alarmed cry, face full of doubts escapement. He suddenly Zhuantou Chao non-hee look, looked at non-hee glittering and shining bright eyes stubborn, actually somewhat afraid to look, his mind a touch. Faint smile, as clear shadow Shuiguang, laughing so windy, but also a touch of gentle bubbling.

“can not be spent seniors! that he is not such a person!” Long Yi Daileng moment, Chen Sheng said.

non-hee hear Long Yi’s speech, the hearts of inexplicable one-touch, her face a moment of surprise, but immediately disappeared into a genteel tranquil smile, jade and fluorescent. Africa, where the Blue * Ling Hand

big crowd, mortal beings can be so trusted her father, how could she not pleased. She and channels. “Long Yi, thank you to my father’s trust, and definitely not my father doing!”

Long Yi looked at the smile on her face, only to find beauty blossoming across the clouds, her face pale indifference has been cool, but now her face, but with a somewhat genteel tranquil, like loyalty to the breeze. Lost his heart skip a beat again.

“Cough!” Long Yi Qing Ke loudly, turned slightly to cover up his gaffe. His eyes swept from the earth again, when the color of the surface of dignified resurface.

“non-hee, you go.” Long Yi staring in front of the ruins of a long while, only to spit out five words.

“Little Lord!” Long Cang heard, quickly stepped forward, old face full of shock, Chen Sheng said. “Do not let go so she do?!”

Long Yi Zhuantou Chao Long Cang looked resolute Mouzhong full of sincerity, he turned around and looked at the ground Longius body, a long sigh, Harmony said. “Great elders, I know you always good and evil, death Longius law enforcement, you certainly heartbroken, but we did not find out the truth before how it can make life difficult for non-hee girl?! Her with flowers predecessors but in order to defend our city calendar ! ”

Longcang heard, Mouzhong Guanghua dark convergence, uphold sigh road. “Little Lord, Long rain though is my brother, but he was killed in action in order Dragon! My brother should make him happy, but you will let go of the non-hee, I’m afraid to go back after a long and not with the Dragon Dragon everyone accountable After all, when we arrived here, only the presence of non-hee calabash with ink. ”

Long Yi nodded his head, face purge, but it has a kind of solemn majesty. “One who makes his own when! Assured that I shall deal with these things!” He said, looking to Zhuantou Chao non-hee, smile. “Non-Hee girl, seems to invite you to a guest to wait until this Longyu city after the massacre white.”

Long Yi said, paused, his eyes slightly heavy, they said. “You watch yourself! I do not think you spend with seniors to do, given that someone wants to harm you! I … can not help you much!”

non-hee a warm heart, nodded his head, the heart can not help but admire him a little more. Her eyes be looking at the immediate Long Yi, his eyes steadfast fortitude, but also with a bit cold, but that innate prevail over the cold, and arrogant man, with his face turned out to be so consistent. His burly physique more like there is a wordless magic that can compete with the world. Even more unusual that he is a real man, dare dare.

“I’m really not in a shi! thank Long Little Lord!” non-hee grateful said heads Guanghua bright, Long Yi today let go of her, inevitably trouble again and again, his grace today, certainly to Japan

Bother to spend patriarch, I let the dragon Sunburn elders to help you should Fubai Hu

Bother to spend patriarch, I let the dragon Sunburn elders to help you should Fubai Hu. ”

flower Ke Heard, Zhuantou Chao stood not far from the walls before the East Gate of the Maronite two elder dragon Sunburn looked mind wondered about it, the end of the nod. “Or, if there Maronite two elders to help, I’d a little more chance of winning.”

“Good! I’ll go arrangements.” Long Yi broke and said that he did not leave after the finish is still standing beside flower Ke, his eyes looking at the discretion of flowers Ke, mouth moving a few, the party broke and said. “Licheng this encounter several groups of Warcraft rare, can be spent to help seniors, Long Yi not to return.”

“Ha ha ha, much less the main ceremony, I always befriend long with the Dragon, Licheng distress, flowers Ke Hath not help the reason!?” flower Ke hearty road.

“Good! kindness without saying thank!” Long Yi Ke Baoquan salute against the flower, then quickly flying toward the other three gates fly.

ink calabash with non-hee rushed out from the residence after they swept straight towards the wall, the non-hee saw flowers Ke location of the station, quickly flew up into the wall, the ink calabash at this time to keep up, but just grazing on the wall Mexican calabash in the place they Daileng, mouth muttered. “Well spectacular group of Warcraft ah!”

non-hee before looking at the historical city of Warcraft group one, the surface expression do not see a trace of disorder, and her heart was flashed a bit frightened, in her eyes Feishan moment, her eyes and foremost group of Warcraft White Tiger encounter, four eyes met in mid-air, non-hee actually feel a bit familiar.

front of the city’s white tiger enormous size, the body strong, particularly striking is that a pair of dark blue Humu, it kind of makes a deep look under the expanse of empty feeling.

“only World of Warcraft good strong, probably stronger than the father you!” non-hee will be determined by looking at the bird white tiger, eyes slightly chaotic, whispered.

flower Ke heard, heavy nodded his head, he looked up to heaven a long sigh, smile. “Non-hee, you know father fifteen years have done what?”

“I heard that you went to the devil forest!” non-hee look dignified, softly.

“Yes! Although not break into the house at dusk, but the parent or fifteen years ago, the sky proved shocks array tragedy occurs, falls into the earth’s thirteen days out!” flower Ke Shen tone gradually turn.

“thirteen days Star?!” non-hee alarmed one.

flower Ke nodded. “Yes, fifteen years ago, tragedy array, nine Fiends, four Gang Star kick from Temple anteroposterior fall, fifteen years, appearing on the mainland a few masterpiece of Warcraft is that thirteen days out! Nine Fiends: red eye giant lion, charm mermaid, cyan due to cattle, Cang Ling white monkey, red giant eagle, lightning clouded leopard, red eyes apes, horned Sirius, desert snake. ”

“Father rein in the bird Monkey is one of the nine Fiends do?!” non-hee sounded his encounter sly monkey, begs the question.

“Well! White Monkey ranked fourth in nine Fiends. Fiends just eight nine monster, but …… Plough is beyond the nine four-star monster. Plough is the white tiger in front of only four Ranked second in the Blue Star eyes tiger! “flower Ke lifeless said, his voice with a bit helpless.

non-hee saw the flower Ke face frustration of color, hearts fretting, whispered. “My father had only white tiger fighting sure you?!”

flower Ke smile soon sighed. “I played the devil is saying the forest again, I …… not a tiger opponent!”

non-hee saw the white tiger from the first glance, they feel drawn only white tiger’s strength is too strong, its strength far exceeded everyone, even his own father has been the practice to nine revere realm Flower Ke.

“non-hee, you look at that white tiger! much prestige ah!” At this time, not far from eager calabash ink ran non-hee side, pointing to the white tiger proudly said.

non-hee white ink calabash an unknown situation, cold channel. “War around the corner, you still have this Xianxin!”

ink calabash see non-hee angry, looking surprised a moment, and hurried to accompany laughs. “However, this is really very impressive white tiger ah!”

non-hee see ink calabash actually float on the surface of the color a little aggrieved, she knew too much ink calabash child temperament, they no longer say, then, she is suddenly reveal arms drill out, I saw the little guy exposing round head, turned around and looked down countless Licheng Warcraft one, round yo eyes actually revealing a somewhat pernicious look.

roar ~ ~ Just at this point, the Tigers thunder sound, behind the white tiger suddenly turned to the roar of thousands of Warcraft heard, muffled roar generally after the Warcraft Licheng suddenly quiet down, a huge World of Warcraft World of Warcraft group hear the roar of sound, ambient air quiet scary.

Licheng Zhengzhu on the garrison at this time, they shouted down toward the city looked, I saw countless army of Warcraft bird white tiger on subservience, a submissive Mo Yang, no one dares Warcraft presumptuous.

four weeks cemeteries generally quiet and let people experience the city suddenly have a false impression that the wall does not Warcraft former group, it all just unreal.

White Tiger Nuxiao after sharp blue Humu will look toward a wall calendar to City Buildings, sharp eyes from everyone on the wall who swept the dark blue Humu little glowing fiercely violent. White Tiger eyes swept in time to a non-hee suddenly stopped, staring straight dark Lenghan of Humu non-hee. Hope to see the white tiger non-hee, heart fretting, she felt the eyes of the white tiger with a deep inquiry, it seems like Wang Chuan her heart in general.

arms from non-hee drilled indent rapidly at this time reveal her arms.

call! Strong wind sounded great white tiger tail sweep a whirlwind, robust four claws firmly cling to the ground, make a take-off position, the powerful spiritual force from the blue tiger who linger out. At this moment, the white tiger seems to become the embodiment of human kill God. Makes one look will give birth to escape under the mind.

Volume 023 made a small fortune

white tiger blue flame-like eyes staring straight non-hee, it stared for a long time, suddenly eyes a turn, moved to the non-Hee Ko flower beside him. At this point though a white flower Ke, not wearing heavy armor Lion, but still recognized the White Tiger Forest Demon encountered opponents.

“Lion Flower Ke!?” While many people were all stunned when the white tiger was actually suddenly began. Intonation seems like a middle-aged brawny.

audience in silence, the calendar on the wall, staring at the city thousands of defenders peering under the white tiger, Spiritual stagnate at that moment. Although Aaron continent Warcraft level in more than seven after they have human intelligence, and can issue the human voice, but when the facts are clear, the white tiger to speak, when the vast majority of people who still can not accept .

“White Tiger speak ……”

“I have heard, is a white tiger in talking.” calendar city suddenly sounded a whispering.

flower Ke see tiger staring at her faint smile, he Dan Xiao cry and replied. “I was to spend Ke.”

“Well! think can meet you here, do not you do that deliberately defy me?!” White Tiger haughty looked up, looked at the flowers Ke, Sensen said.

flower Ke frown looked a tiger behind Warcraft group, Chen Sheng said. “If you want to infringe on the city calendar, that is my enemy!”

“Well! good big breath.” Tiger said lightly, put eyes away from the flower Ke body, down the up elsewhere, it seems that in looking for something general.

non-hee saw the white tiger from the time they raised a glimmer of hearts foreboding, just arms reveal themselves when exposed head, white tiger sharp eyes will be looking at her, and they reveal more to look at the white tiger When retracted his head, seems not to want white tiger found in general.

“white tiger is not only looking for something?!” side of the ink calabash always lost and lonely, he appreciated the group after completion of Warcraft against non-hee said.

“one can find something of Warcraft?!” non-hee asked.

ink calabash nodded thoughtfully. “Also, but he is a World of Warcraft Bale …… but it just speak ah!”

non-hee slight frown, looking down their arms they reveal one, I saw they reveal already fell asleep, then it is satisfied with the mouth half open, keep the saliva, fast asleep.

white tiger fiery eyes swept from the wall, and did not launch an attack on the city calendar, but not gone, but still stand in the Licheng front end.

non-Hee looked at the size of the city under the Warcraft group, could not resist a slight sigh, secretly heart: this scale Warcraft group, if all the killing, the number of nuclei ah? ! She will be looking to move to the side of a huge white tiger blue bull’s body, it would only honest demeanor Warcraft, evidently should be relatively mild temperament, prisoners cattle! War is indeed a good pet, much better than their Qinglang.

non-hee hearts uphold wondered, could not help but reveal an arms looked, do not know fifteen years to protect the golden eggs hatched only reveal is what! Why is a lazy day demeanor? !

walls finished arming Long Yi Ke flying Luedao flower beside respectful. “Flower heads, no siege and no group of Warcraft leave, they are what you intended ah?”

flower Ke frown thinking about it, shook his head. “I do not know, but no siege of Warcraft should be a group with a good thing, if they storm the city calendar, we inevitably suffered heavy casualties, or wait and see. They do not move, we will not move.”

“is the only way up!” Long Yi promised soon, they turned to the Guards commanded the road behind. “Heralds down, strictly defensive, not the effect.”

non-hee stayed on the wall long after, I saw the white tiger corps led by no siege of Warcraft, but with the city’s garrison on the distant relative, she felt a little boring, Bianyu turned toward the wall next door.

she had left a few steps, I heard a violent Tigers sound, deafening, the city under the white tiger suddenly launched an attack, it roared after the white flash, a huge white tiger will first be swept on towards the city calendar.

“archers, magician ready!” Long Yi saw suddenly jump to the white tiger, looking slightly lag, shouting loudly. Calendar on the wall to get on standby command archers bow Nock towards all white tiger shoot, while the walls of the magician also the first time summon their magic headed towards the white tiger.

violent Tigers sounded again, the white tiger leapt back suddenly give birth altitude huge wings, deep blue eyes like burning flames general, it is filled with body-week spiritual power tyrannical, arrows, magic did not give the white tiger any harm.

“good powerful force!” Long Yi saw the white tiger attack to ignore all attacks, could not help but whisper furans whispered.

“This is not the true power of the white tiger!” flower Ke Chen Sheng said. “Lion Plough battle armor!” With his clear Sheng sounded, Lion armor flashed out of thin air in the flower Ke who Jinmang Shanyue with heavy armor like Jagged tyrannical attitude.

“Plough Lion! Plough Monkey!” flower Ke in the first time they released their two combat pet, the white tiger in front of him he did not know the effect of chance.

“fall by the wayside!” White Tiger will roar heard rushing towards the flower Ke, powerful Lanmang the white tiger body covered, and that strange blue light is more powerful than a flower Ke body armor Lion King Mount.

“flower Ke will then accompany you!” flower Ke Di one, Jinmang moment and then leapt to a high-altitude battle together with the white tiger. With several more thunder-like spiritual power collision, the two peerless top players will be in the calendar showdown over the city had begun.

spend Ke stimulate the body spiritual power, brilliant Jinmang his whole person wrapped in one, two peerless combat pet is headed towards either side with a flower Ke white tiger, three share a strong spiritual force butt on white tiger After intense explosions sounded again. White Tiger back wings suddenly becomes larger, faster than ever before, the white tiger body filled with blue spiritual power, turned into a lightning in the flower Ke deal with two wars between pet, did not deteriorate the situation.

“like World of Warcraft, I do not really take off!” Long Yi looked up at the sky as the white tiger demons in general, low murmured words loudly.

“two elders, would you please help spend patriarch!” Long Yi see the flowers in the white tiger front Ke did account for less than cheap, they are not far from the front of the dragon Sunburn said.

“old man is with this intention!” Long Sunburn promised soon, Yi Liao black robe, black sword suspended out, he Qing Xiao soon as they join the fray.

“Well! Why not together on!” White Tiger in front of the two men did not put on the eyes, it’s blue body weeks a little more powerful spiritual force, blue eyes at this point has been turned into a four eyes , fighting more powerful. Faced with such a Warcraft, anyone chances.

roar, the city saw the tiger population of Warcraft freak, they can no longer be law-abiding, the wave of the general roar sounded again, thousands of Warcraft freak, roaring thunder resounding general.

lightning clouded leopard leaping first from the city, meadowfoam moment and then leapt to the city wall, a brilliant light flashed, the city’s head screams again and again, suddenly there are a lot of people were killed in a thunder cloud leopard claws.

“three elders! clouded leopard on to you!” Long Yi glanced wanton freak clouded leopard, not far from the front of the old man growled black robe, he pulled back the sword went up to the rushing red Giant Eagle.
Although the strength of the red giant eagle
compare cyan prisoners cattle, but because of the giant eagle but air combat of Warcraft, so no feijian practitioner repressive advantage practitioner if riding combat pet combat, no doubt less to a helper, fighting greatly reduced, so Long Yi will summon feijian, hip leapt to emit clouded leopard mounts, hand sword flick, bright light flashed, sword in his hand suddenly anaplastic large, Long Yi Bao He soon will be riding with a riding pet feijian giant eagle with Battle up in the air.

Ow! Cyan slowest reaction prisoners cattle, and other lightning clouded leopard, red eyes apes, red giant eagles have rushed chengtou after prisoners cattle before going to Heaven roar loudly, hill-like body gradually running, slowly accelerating rushing toward the city calendar.

“urban warfare began!” At this point ink calabash calendar city seems to be the most exciting one, he turned around and looked around the constant chaos of the battlefield, the speaker shouted.

“Have you found valuable Warcraft!?” non-hee looked up and saw a father, I saw two elders with the Dragon Flower Ke Long Sunburn are working together to lay siege to the White Tiger, though both of them may not be able to win, but will not in the short Within defeat, not to mention his father there Plough Lion, Monkey Plough’s help, she would ease some of his father, and the next, she naturally wanted in the war can be made a small fortune.

“amount?! valuable Warcraft?” Mexican calabash hear non-hee, then frowned face flashed a bit contemplate look, muffled asked. “What is the value of Warcraft? Non-hee you want something?”

“You see Long Yi feijian yet?!” non-hee smile cry, hand pointing aerial battle with giant eagles together Long Yi Road.

“Well! feijian really good, but I have a blue eagle, Feijian speed than slow!” Mo Li looked feijian a light, understatement, said.

“I need to make the seven feijian nuclei of Warcraft.” non-hee eyes constantly swept from the battlefield, searching for seven Monster, light voice said, she already had seven spiritual power, coupled with the ink calabash help, beheaded a few seven monster should be no problem. Such a large group of current modes of Warcraft how can we let her? !

“Good! I can help you!” Mo Li said without hesitation, he turned around and saw a room is huge rush chengtou red boar, he hastily shouted. “Non-Hee, which is one.” He said, ranging from non-hee reaction, then remove Duopo wheel, call out of the blue eagle toward the red boar rushed.

non-hee heard, looked up, and she saw a huge red boar body is washed up on the wall with the defenders army fighting together, have several names between the moment the defenders were killed in the Red Army Mori white boar hunt lower teeth.

“Good! kill the only wild boar!” non-hee saw the bird seven wild boar came and the spirit, anyway, a few others have been eight Warcraft Long Yi with other three elders blocked, do not worry about their own encountered eight peerless Monster attacks.

“blue Xuanbing!” Mexican calabash one shot will come up with their best at Xuanbing surgery, a huge blue Xuanbing abruptly, then tapping into the red wild boar in front of the blue suddenly turned into a sharp Xuanbing Lanmang, grim edge moment and then solidly thorn in the wild boar’s body.

extremely thick-skinned wild boar, wild boar Lanmang thorn in the body after just a few inches in depth, did not cause fatal injuries to the wild boar. The wild boar was stabbed to initiate soared, violent clamor