Startup Costs

Startup Costs of an Ice Cream Truck Business

To start an ice cream business you must put money in to get money out of it. So it’s time to gather up all the materials you need to make this business profitable and successful. You can start by having a budget planned. This will be the money that’s “in the red” until you are able to “break even.” Limiting your payments down to a set amount ensures that you don’t spend over the amount. This amount of money should cover everything listed below.

Figure out the ice cream you want to sell. The ice cream business is here to please the customers so don’t think only of what you like to eat. The safe flavors are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but add more flavors to give your customers more options. Think about how many flavors of ice cream you want to sell. How do you want to sell it? Will it be in the shape of bars, in a cup or a cone, on a stick, or all the above? There must be enough ice cream to get the business started. Once money starts rolling in use it to purchase more inventory. Consider adding more than just ice cream to the business. Options are yogurt, sherbets, sno-cones and popsicles.


Startup Costs

Look for a place of business. Weigh all decisions. Will the business be in one spot or on the go? Having the business on the spot will keep you in one location but customers must come to you. The local spot you pick may not be the best to attract people. Costs include the building (rent, lease, or pay) and advertisements. Having the business on the go allows you to go where the customers are and set up there. Just don’t sit there even after the customers leave; the property owners may or may not want you there. To avoid that it’s best to set a route. When the people leave, you leave. Costs include choosing between a truck or a van, gas mileage, vehicle city license and insurance on vehicle. For both versions think about size, freezer space and get the right signs/decals for the business. Also think about getting something new vs. something used and which is better for the startup business.

Think about supplies that go with the business. Ice creams in a cup require cups and spoons. Ice cream in a cone requires waffle cones. Napkins should be provided with all ice cream orders. If expanding to sno-cones get a plastic cone. Purchase a container or tray to keep fresh ice cream in. What about purchasing cash registers for the money transactions? Have an account book to write daily business transactions for tax purposes. Is it a team effort or self-employed? Include wages too.

Actual costs vary but for an estimate check out and/or Don’t forget to let the health inspector check everything out before starting.

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